AI powered API with OCR, Document Management Platform

Document Management OCR AI Platform

The Company

2Parts is an innovative software company. Our proprietary technology uses state of the art artificial intelligence software aimed at optimizing day-to-day accounting processes. By better utilizing existing research and creating a more versatile understanding of business operations, we are able to forge smarter solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. Our first product is UNAC – a proprietary automated document processing tool that enables businesses to efficiently reduce accounts payable (AP) costs, while enhancing both the speed and precision of data extraction. It does so by employing a powerful Artificial Intelligence software, which solves the most complex and time-consuming issue in document handling, namely processing non-standardized invoices with limited and minimal manual intervention. Our second product DOCRAI (Document Optical Character Recognition Artificial Intelligence), provides clients with a User Interface, thus making it a PaaS (Platform as a service), which delivers direct access to the product with focus on user experience. Furthermore, the product features a superior AI software, which has the added functionality of reading dynamic tabular data from any document. By receiving access to our User Interface, clients would benefit from customized exporting formats to 3rd party accounting software providers, which further decreases accounting costs and expedites internal practices.

2Parts - Lazar Draganov

CEO was head of the development branch for one of the largest European Logistic companies. He accumulated over 15 years of professional experience in software development, most of it as part of the management structure. Lazar excels in strategy and planning and thrives in leading operations. He is helping to shape the direction of the company as well as managing TwoPart’s customers and potential clients.

2Parts - Ivelin Ivanov

CTO of TwoParts has extensive experience in mathematical algorithms and software development. He has gained valuable industry experience as a senior lead developer in several projects for multinational conglomerates (NN, Walt Disney, Alkermes). Going forward, Ivelin will maintain his primary focus on product development and in specific the development of the CV and AI architecture. This includes the creation of various algorithms as well as technical work regarding Artificial Intelligence training.

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