Artificial Intelligence, Document Data Extraction, Computer Vision and OCR

Document Management Services AI with OCR

How to be Typeless with documents

2Parts with its SaaS and PaaS solutions, eliminates repetitive data entry work by employing powerful proprietary AIOCR, which reads all relevant data, converts the output into standardized formats such as Excel, JSON or XML and provides the option for them to be uploaded into any 3rd party accounting software. Furthermore, the data management system, which comes with the PaaS, enables businesses to eliminate process bottlenecks by eliminating the physical delivery of documents and allows employees to search for specific documents in a matter of seconds via an embedded key word indexation algorithm.

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UNAC Engine

How It Works

AI powered API with OCR and Platform.


The documents are received as images, PDF files, archives or Email.


The extracted invoice data. Returned in human or machine readable formats (Excel, text, .csv, JSON, XML, etc.).


Computer Vision Module

The "eyes" of the machine. This module recognizes paterns in the image and organizes them for the A.I.

Artificial Inteligence Module

The "mind". Based on the patterns gathered by the C.V. module the trained A.I. model extracts the relevant data from the document.