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OCR AI powered API

SaaS Helps

SaaS (Software as a Service) - The product is an OCR AI powered API, which can be used within any Document Management System, Accounting Software, Warehouse and ERP systems, etc.
Thousands of educated accountants are spending precious time and effort to manually extract invoice data by staring at screens and typing on keyboards. This leads to:

  • Unrealised potential;
  • The human-error-factor , which arises from reduced concentration due to hours of repetitive work with numbers;
  • High operating costs.

With the AI powered API, you can save time and cost.

What is UNAC Engine

Unac combines CV (Computer Vision) and AI (Artificial Inteligence) to perform data extraction from semi-structured text in images or PDFs (invoices, receipts, contracts, order lists, bank statements, insurance policies, etc.). What it does is simple, but also impressive when seen in action: Computer Vision module examines the image/pdf and recognizes certain patterns; Artificial Inteligence module reviews the data from the image based on the recognized patterns; The export file is generated and filled with the extracted data ordered in columns set by user preference; The whole proccess takes 1 - 10 sec (based on server parameters). Even if we add the time it takes for human verification we are still left with results that are many times faster than the current method.

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